Train Nurses for Sierra Leone

In 2002, Sierra Leone emerged from a brutal, decade-long civil war. Its infrastructure, including hospitals and medical training, was decimated. Both the country and its people were left broken.

Today, Sierra Leone is at peace but still reeling from the effects of conflict. Healthcare in the nation is almost non-existent: there is one doctor to 10,000 people; no reconstructive surgeons, one orthopaedic surgeon; and, crucially, no graduate medical training.

Sierra Leone and its people need our help to recover; to train the surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists that will help change the face of healthcare in the country and rebuild bodies and lives broken by war.

Towards a brighter future

At the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, we are developing Sierra Leone’s first reconstructive surgery unit. The infrastructure has been built thanks to the work of Italian charity Fondazione Don Gnocchi and Resurge Africa is now training the staff that will run the unit independently, creating a self-sustaining facility that will eventually provide support and training to other medics in Sierra Leone.

The nursing school is now reopened and provides good basic nursing training. We have been fortunate to work with some of the remarkable people behind this in our programme of support for nursing at the Holy Spirit Hospital. A £24,000 grant from Burdett Nursing has enabled us to provide two years of training at the hospital, including the placement of excellent full-time nurse trainers from the UK and the training of Sierra Leonean nurses in Ghana.


In Ghana, this approach has saw the creation of a thriving reconstructive surgery unit – the country’s first – run by a team of international-standard surgeons and medical staff who deliver training and support to other hospitals in the region.

We’ve proven that we can change the face of reconstructive surgery in West Africa – but we can’t do it without your help.

The next three years

Working with the staff at the Holy Spirit Hospital, we have a three-year plan to secure the future of the department by training its committed, dedicated and passionate staff.

With your support, the next three years will see the unit’s 27 nursing staff undertake an in-depth course that will see them learn everything they need to help run Sierra Leone’s first reconstructive surgery unit – and train the nurses who will follow them in the future.

But we can’t do it without your help. This programme will cost £10,000 per year, per student for three years. That’s just £370 per nurse each year.

How can you help us?

Whether it’s a monthly contribution, a one-off donation or regular fundraising, every penny you give to ReSurge Africa helps fund the training of the committed team in Sierra Leone and the creation of a reconstructive surgery unit where it’s needed most.

Nurses training challenge

We’ve set up a challenge page specifically for nurses on our Virgin Money Giving site. With your expertise, there are a huge number of ways you can help deliver lasting surgical change in Sierra Leone – from undertaking a sponsored challenge, donating with your unit, or even helping support the fledging team in Sierra Leone by volunteering.

If you have any questions about our work or think you can help in any way, get in touch with us at

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